About You


You make things.

You live to create something that comes straight from your soul and into reality. That’s what you are passionate about and you know it.

The problem is that you may lack discipline or you may feel like you don’t have time. What you really need is structure, self discipline, confidence, and a dash of inspiration to achieve your goals.

You are a creative soul who dreams and thinks and ponders about what if.


15 Minutes of Creativity is here to help.

About Us

15 Minutes of Creativity is a community for creators like you.

We provide the following for our members

  • Prompts to give you a starting point when the anxiety of ‘what should I create’ kicks in and puts you in analysis paralysis.

  • Inspiration to motivate you so that you start saying ‘Yes I can’ as opposed to ‘No I can’t.

  • Guidance to show you how you can become more disciplined with your craft on a daily basis and reach your goals.

stop thinking and

start creating

We have a 10 Week Prompt Challenge just for you to experience first hand what we are about.

Our Mission

We want to build a community of individuals who feel fulfilled in their lives and with their creations

What’s Next?

Not sure of how we can work together and move forward?


Guide to prompts

Unsure of how to approach 15 minute prompts as a launching pad for creativity? Then feel free to check out our 5 step guide to prompt writing.

Need tools to start?

We have a dedicated resources page for creatives who want to start creating but lack the tools to do so. We free up your time by doing the research and providing the best of the best.