How to Share Your Prompt

You Were Inspired by a Prompt and Created Something Out of Nothing… Now What?

The best way to inspire other creators such as yourself is by sharing. For some creators, the sharing process and the feedback process are the most satisfying part of creating. Others may feel happy if their work touched the heart of another individual and inspired them towards action.

We want to see what you create and we want to share it.

Leave a Comment in this Post

If you participated in the 10 Week Prompt Challenge or our daily prompts on Twitter, then you could simply reply to this post with what you created.

How to Directly Post Your Prompt

Make sure to indicate which prompt you are responding to and then paste your work below.

Example: Prompt: A reaction to a transformation

You gasped as the example in front of you suddenly inspired you to stop thinking and start creating today.

How to Post a Link to your Prompt

If you’d rather link us to your prompt, then make sure to indicate which prompt you are responding to and then paste the URL of where we can see your work

Example: Prompt: Introduce Yourself

Click here! or

Use Social Media

We encourage you to use Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to share your work. This way not only do we get to see what you create, but so do those that care for you and support you. Below are our accounts that you can reach out to so that we can notice your work.

We also follow the hashtag #Take15Min and encourage you to use it whenever responding to any of our prompts. This way we can quickly see it and share it with our community.

The whole point of social media is to get social, so let’s connect and share!

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Show us your prompts!

We are excited to see what you can create! If you are not already doing the 10 Week Prompt Challenge, then we highly encourage you to sign up so you can stop thinking and start creating today!