5 Ways to Succeed in the Prompt Challenge

Need help figuring out how to do your creative prompt?

Are you taking the 10 Week Prompt Challenge? Are you on Pinterest and doing a monthly prompt challenge by your favorite creator? Do you have 15 minutes to be creative but are unsure of what to do with that time?

Here are 5 creative ways you can tackle a 15 minute prompt to keep things fresh. No matter your skill level, getting out of your comfort zone and being in a state of creation is important.

Method #1: Writing

Writing could be the most efficient method to respond to a prompt in a short amount of time. You could do a short story, a stream of consciousness piece, or even a poem during your 15 minutes. There’s the traditional method of using pen and paper, or the digital method of opening Microsoft Word. However my ‘pro-tip’ is to use Google Docs so if your computer suddenly crashes, none of your valuable hard work will be lost.

I’m speaking directly from experience.

Method #2: Drawing

Drawing encapsulates a plethora of ways to tackle a prompt. If you want to stick with traditional art, then grab the closest pencil, eraser, and sheet of paper. It's the cheapest route to go unless you want to upgrade your supplies. Otherwise you can fill a page with watercolor. Make sure you swap out your sheet of paper with a thick multi-media paper that could handle all that water.

You can also go the digital route. There are many programs and apps that you can download to plan, put in place, and execute your prompt. Some highlights that I've either heard of or used myself are ProCreate, Photoshop, and Paper 53. The best part of going digital is that if you make a mistake, you can undo and try again in a heartbeat.

Method #3: Sculpt

If you are good with clay or sculpey, this could be a fun way to do a prompt. While creating a full scene out of clay in 15 minutes is not doable by any means, you can get inspired all the same. The prompt could inspire you to create a new piece of jewelry.

A digital method of sculpting could be 3D modeling. I would open Maya to creating non-organic objects such as cups of coffee and art supplies. It's expensive but there are alternatives and thinking in a 3D space is very rewarding.

Who knows, going VR and working in that space could prove to be rewarding.

Method #4: Music

Music is good for the soul. Which means it can be good for prompts too. Use a prompt to inspire a new melody. Feel free to hum out a chorus that comes to mind or write down some snazzy lyrics. If singing and music writing are not your strong points, then pull out your guitar, piano, or ocarina and play.

Method #5: Video

With the rise of Youtube and SnapChat, making videos has become easier. If the prompt reminds you of a funny story, then Vlog about it. Or recreate that moment with a stop motion with objects lying around your home. Editing and composing your clips can take a while, so focus on filming and shooting for the 15 minutes.

BONUS Method: Nail Art

This final suggestion may be strange, but bear with me. I love love love nail polish and own a ton of it at home. If you are like me and need to come up with a new design every week, use a prompt to paint your nails. The prompt could inspire you to use a particular color. Or it'll give you a great nail art idea. Remember, you'll only have to walk around with this design for a week or two so what's the harm in trying?

If your nails aren't long enough, perhaps you can get a sibling or a friend to be your nail model for 15 minutes. Just remember to take pictures of your work or have someone else take pictures for you if your nails need to dry.

how will you do your prompts?

While I have listed several ways to be creative with your prompts, perhaps there’s a method I haven’t suggested. If you are feeling particularly bold, feel free to leave a comment on another method to handle the 15 Minute Prompts.

If you are unsure of how to even do a prompt, then feel free to check out the guide we’ve created for helping newbies and returning veterans.

If the suggestion sticks, then I'll be sure to mention your method in a future post!