100 Prompts for Creativity

Are you unsure of how to practice your craft?

The key to becoming better at your craft is to practice. It’s as simple as that. The problem is that the biggest obstacle for most creators is getting started.

This list of 100 prompts will help you stop thinking and so you could start creating.

Here are 100 Prompts to Jumpstart Your Creativity

We have divided these prompts into a few categories. Feel free to skip around and see which prompts inspire you. Otherwise feel free to use the Random Number Generator below powered by Random.org.

Prompts about You

  • 1. Introduction: Create an introduction about yourself. Self portrait, intro music, whatever comes into mind whenever you think about introductions.

  • 2. Where are you: Describe your surroundings, take a photograph of where you are. Express what comes to mind when someone asks you this three-word question.

  • 3. How are you: Express your feelings, how are you feeling inside? It may take a deep breath before you could start creating, but you can do it.

  • 4. Your dreams: Do you remember your dreams? Do you have dreams of the future and what you’d like to achieve? Show us what they are.

  • 5. Your history: Everyone has a story to tell, let us know what your story is.

  • 6. Your favorites: What’s your favorite color? Your favorite go-to spot? What is your favorite animal? Everyone has their preferences, what’s yours?

  • 7. Your fears: What scares you? What makes your heart start beating? Express how fear makes you feel or show us what keeps you up at night.

  • 8. Where you are from: Where did you come from? What about your family? What is your origin or your character’s origin?

  • 9. Your Title: What are you known for? What do others see you as? How do you see yourself?

  • 10. Your Rival: Everyone has someone who appears to be better than them. Do you have a rival? Are you your own rival? Let us know.

Prompts about Life

  • 11. Birth: The start of any living creature. Birth is the creation of something. Create something out of nothing.

  • 12. Time: Time is a fleeting resource that everyone uses no matter how they stand economically. What does time mean for you?

  • 13. Death: All good things must come to an end. With life, there must be death. How does one express death?

    14. Light: People have a tendency to associate light with life. Others think about light or white magic in RPGS. How do you express light or define it?

  • 15. Alternate reality: Alternate realities have been debated for decades. Whenever a choice is made, another reality is made. Show us an alternate reality and give us a tour.

  • 16. Game of life: Various individuals consider living as playing a game. If you were to express life as a game, what would that be like?

  • 17. Circle of life: Life is a cycle. Death is followed by life which is then followed by death. When you think of the circle of life, what comes to mind?

  • 18. Living: What is living? Is it simply living your day to day until it suddenly comes to an end? Is living the thrill of adrenaline? What is living if you aren’t truly alive?

  • 19. Health: A topic that is critical for almost all living beings. The health of a creature determines the length of time that they stick around. What do you think when health is brought up?

  • 20. Breath: In order to be alive, one must take breath. Breathing controlled becomes a form of meditation which becomes an art form in itself. We take breath for granted, do you?

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Prompts about Nature

  • 21. Air: A gentle breeze or a violent tornado. Air provides oxygen for living creatures and is associated with various creatures and astrological signs. How do you view air?

  • 22. Walk in the park: When one experiences writer’s block, they may take a walk in the park. Others use this expression to describe something done with ease. What’s your take on this?

  • 23. Fire: Fire destroys, but it also provides warmth. It can be used to cook and it can be used to burn. How do you express fire?

  • 23. The great outdoors: With the expansion of cities and cityscapes, what is considered the ‘great outdoors’ has become smaller and smaller. What do you consider the great outdoors?

  • 24. Water: Water is an element with many identities. It’s adaptable. It can provide nourishment with hydration, it can be frozen solid, and heated to a mist. Water can be the calm sea or the pouring rain. What is water to you?

  • 25. Sky: What’s up? One of those answers is ‘the sky’. The sky is constantly changing. It changes throughout the day due to the sun’s influence and the weather patterns that currently reign. What’s up with your sky?

  • 26. Earth: The surface that keeps everyone grounded. The earth could be referencing the planet Earth or the soil that makes up the Earth. How do you define earth?

  • 27. Sea: The sea is mysterious. There is so much that is hidden within the depths of the sea. What do you see?

  • 28. Season: There are places in this world that have the 4 seasons of winter, spring, summer, and fall, while there are others that only have one or two. Do you shift with the changing seasons?

  • 29. Plants: Trees, flowers, weeds, and bushes. All that is green is considered plant-life. What do you love about all that is green and natural?

  • 30. Mother Nature: Father Time, Mother Nature. These are the reigning couple of the planet. How do you view Mother Nature?

Prompts about Animals

  • 31. Cats and dogs: People have domesticated beasts for many many years. However one question still stands against the test of times, who is the best when it comes to being the human companion?

  • 32. Spiders: Creepy crawlies that have many eyes and eight legs. There are many that fear these creatures while others find the webs they create to be beautiful masterpieces. What about you?

  • 33. Born to be wild: There are creatures that cannot be tamed. What are some that you can name?

  • 34. Fish: These creatures are who rule the waters below. While humans can only be in water for minutes at a time, they live underwater without a care in the world. Can you show us your favorite fish?

  • 35. Safari: A variety of exotic creatures could be seen in the safari. What do you believe could be found on a safari adventure?

  • 36. Birds: The creatures of the sky use their wings and other appendages to fly. They are not restricted by gravity’s laws. Each bird has their own unique set of plumage and cries. Do you have one that you’d like to share?

  • 37. Predator: Animals that go on a hunt to feast on the flesh of others. These creatures are considered weak to some, and deadly to others. Which predator with claws, fangs, or talons do you favor?

  • 38. Animal Kingdom: There are so many animals that are within the animal kingdom. How do you imagine an animal kingdom society to be like? How are you inspired by ‘animal kingdom’?

  • 39. Dinosaurs: These long extinct creatures were massive and once ruled the land. Now what remains of them are fossils, research, and theories. What impression does dinosaur leave you?

  • 40. Domestic: What does it mean to be a domesticated creature? Is it possible to fully domesticate what was once fully wild? What is domestic or domesticated to you?

Prompts about Fantasy

  • 41. Phoenix: The mythical bird that symbolize rebirth. These creatures were known to live long lives before bursting into flames and then rising once again from the ashes. How do you create from the ashes of a phoenix?

  • 42. Legends: What legends have been created in the various realms of fantasy? Do you have a story, nay, a legend that you would want to tell?

  • 43. Medieval fantasy: What happens in the world of jousting knights, mysterious elves, and mighty dragons? The world of medieval fantasy can bring a plethora of tales and scenes. Bring us to your world.

  • 44. Werewolves and vampires: The age-old tale of two creatures of the night. The werewolves follow the stages of the moon to unlock their hidden power while vampires seek fresh blood to keep themselves alive. Who would win in a fight?

  • 45. Unicorns: These mythical equines are believed to only be seen by virgins. They are beautiful with long elegant horns and commonly pure white fur. How do you view this majestic creature?

  • 46. Space Opera: While some see the world as being only the planet Earth, others turn to the stars. There are an unlimited amount of possibilities and universes available for you to explore. What have you discovered?

  • 47. Faeries: These small mischievous creatures are often overlooked by massive dragons. However these faeries have their own tales to tell. What are your thoughts on these winged critters?

  • 48. Your princess in another castle: Princesses are highly coveted in any kingdom. This makes them prone to kidnapping. Would the royal women of the kingdom be damsels in distresses or would they leave for adventure?

  • 49: Dragons: These creatures are giant lizards that commonly breathe fire. There are different kinds of dragons depending on where on the globe you are from. Eastern dragons and Western dragons are vastly different. What is your dragon?

  • 50. Dungeons and dragons: Dungeons and Dragons is commonly known as a table-top roleplaying game. A roll of the die determines the fate of the heroes. Who would be your hero? What adventures would they have?


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Prompts about Colors

  • 51. Black and white: This could refer to the ‘darkest’ color and the ‘lightest’ color. This could also symbolize the fight between good and evil. How do you view black and white?

  • 52. Red: This is the color of passion. This is the color of fire. Red inspires speed and power. The various shades of red opens discussions for different interpretations. What is red to you?

  • 53. Cool tones: The colors of blue, violet, indigo, and green. These colors are considered ‘cool’ in tone as opposed to popularity. These cool tones invoke various feelings and express different ideas, what can you create?

  • 54. Rainbow: The rainbow consists of 7 colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Rainbows can be found naturally in nature and represents all kinds of things. How do you express rainbows?

  • 55. CMYK: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. These are the colors that combine to create all kinds of colors and images for printers to create. What could you create with these four colors?

  • 56. Greyscale: When there is no variation of tone, all you have are various shades of a color. Greyscale simply consists of various shades of gray to create a masterpiece.

  • 57. Blue: This is a cooling color of peace. Depending on the shade of blue however, different concepts and conclusions can be made about the color. What is blue to you?

  • 58. Warm tones: The colors of red, yellow, and orange. These colors are considered ‘warm’ in tone. These warm tones can either invoke feelings of homeliness or excitement. How do you create with warm tones?

  • 59. Favorite color: Pick any color and express it. It could be your favorite color or it could be the first color that comes to mind when prompted.

  • 60. Describing color without using colors: Can you describe a color without using any colors or referencing any colors?

Prompts about Food

  • 61. Taste: Express the taste of something that is edible. What is the texture like? Is it sweet or sour?

  • 62. Snack time: There are many times of the day. Noon, lunch time, nap time, and snack time. Snacks are bite-sized meals. Express what snack time is with your creation or what is to be enjoyed during snack time.

  • 63. Sweet: Candies, pastries, and cakes. Those items are all ones that could be considered ‘sweet’. Sweet also references to a way a person can be perceived. What is sweet to you?

  • 64. Fast Food: When people want food and they want it quick, they go to a fast food joint. There are many out there in the world. Describe one.

  • 65. Cake: Let them eat cake! You can’t have your cake and eat it too. There are so many phrases around this tasty treat. What comes to mind for you when cake is mentioned?

  • 66. Cooking: In order to eat anything, food needs to be created. Whether it is the art of cooking, or the science of cooking, express what cooking is to you.

  • 67. Restaurant: There are all kinds of restaurants out there for people to enjoy. There are hole-in-the-wall joints and five star places where only the finest dine. What restaurant would you like to share with the world?

  • 68. Sour: Have you ever tried to suck on a lemon? Can you describe the feeling after attempting to do such a feat. What can you do to describe sour?

  • 69. Menu: Menus are often overlooked. They are critical in society since without them, people wouldn’t be able to order what they want to eat. Show us a menu.

  • 70. Spicy: When you eat it, it burns! Water does not work against spicy food, but milk might. Creators, show us what’s spicy or how you combat spicy foods.

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Prompts about Feelings

  • 71. Mood swings: What if you feel happy one moment and angry the next? What would that look and feel like?

  • 72. Joy: Smiles, laughter, and friendly chit-chatter, these are all the things that quickly express joy. What are some other ways to describe this bubbly emotion?

  • 73. Love: Love is a complex emotion. There are songs, poetry, and films all centered around this feeling. How would you express love?

  • 74. Anger: When one sees red, they are most likely filled with rage. How would you describe the feeling of anger?

  • 75. Sixth Sense: There are five known senses: sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. However many think that there is a sixth sense that exists. What do you think?

  • 76. Sadness: Whenever one feels sad, they feel an urge to cry to express their emotion. However using your powers of creation, how can you express sadness?

  • 77. Fear: Fear makes you hide under your bed. What are some fears that people have? How do people react when they are fearful? Express your answer or answers.

  • 78. Green with envy: Have you ever felt jealous of anyone? Do you know what jealousy feels like? What does is envy to you?

  • 79. Confusion: Ever jumped in the middle of a conversation unsure of what is going on? Feeling confusion can make you feel dizzy. What does confusion look like?

  • 80. Regret: Did you ever do something that made you wish you could turn back time? What’s something regretful that you can express?

Prompts about Duality

  • 81. Fire and ice: These two opposing elements have been seen time and time again. How can you give a twist to this combo?

  • 82. Yin and yang: This is perhaps the most well-known combination. Darkness and light. Feminine and masculine energy. How would you represent yin and yang?

  • 83. Beauty and beast: This famous pairing is so well-known that films and television shows have showcased this. It’s certainly interesting and we’d love to see your take on it.

  • 84. Order and chaos: In Dungeon and dragons you can be lawful or you can be chaotic. One needs the other to exist. Where do you stand?

  • 85. Day and night: These two times of days are known by everyone. People either consider themselves creatures of the day or night. A morning person or a night owl. What do you think of about these times of day?

  • 86. Princess and pauper: An individual from the top of the social food chain and a commoner. They are complete opposites yet still have something in common. What do you think?

  • 87. Future and past: We live in the present, but what lays behind us is the past while what lies ahead of us is the future. Do you have a preference for either?

  • 88. Hot and cold: Games and songs have used this concept of hot and cold. These two temperatures are on the opposite sides of the spectrum. How do view them?

  • 89. Masculine and feminine: In some languages, there are objects that are masculine and others that are feminine. People too have their masculine and feminine traits. How do you express these two?

  • 90. To be and not to be: To be or not to be, that is the prompt. Sort of. Can you come up with something for this?

Prompts about Cliches

  • 91. A blast from the past

  • 92. An arm and a leg

  • 93. Cooking with gas

  • 94. Grin and bear it

  • 95. Light at the end of the tunnel

  • 96. Penny for your thoughts

  • 97. The whole nine yards

  • 98. Two left feet

  • 99. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

  • 100. You only live once (YOLO)

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